Why Pursuing B.Tech in AI and Data Science is a Smart Career Move (1)-min

Why Pursuing B.Tech in AI and Data Science is a Smart Career Move

Are you currently a student (or) in the process of choosing your future career path? The rapidly expanding job market in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science has opened up new opportunities for those interested in a career in this field. Pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in AI and Data Science can be a better career move now and in the future.

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Exploring Cutting-Edge VLSI Technologies in Electronics Engineering-min

Exploring Cutting-Edge VLSI Technologies in Electronics Engineering

Welcome to the world of VLSI Design and technologies. This blog post will pique your interest if you’re fascinated by how technology constantly evolves and transforms our lives. Almost every aspect of modern-day living relies heavily on VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) technologies, from smartphones to laptops, from smart homes to autonomous vehicles.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Disruptive technology shaping the Future of IT

Imagine life without technology Right now. Technology is part of our lives and is one of the main elements for survival in a quick-phase world. New technological advancements save lives, improve employment, and make the world a better place.

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The Ethics of Technology: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our lives. We rely on technology, from smartphones to social media, for communication, entertainment, and even our daily routines.

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Electrify Your Drive: Insights into the World of Electric Vehicles

Our lives and the environment are being saved by electric automobiles. Electric Vehicles (EV) can play an important role in combating climate change across the globe by helping to cut down the emissions and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

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MCET_Blog_April 24-min

Electromagnetic Theory and Applications in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electromagnetism is the fundamental branch of physics that deals with the interactions between electric and magnetic fields. It is the cornerstone of modern electrical and electronic engineering as it explains how electricity, magnetism, and light interact with each other. The Electromagnetic Theory describes the laws governing these interactions and helps us understand how they affect everyday life.

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MCET_Blog_April 19-min

Why Data Science is the Future of Business and Technology?

A business requires a lot of work and processing before its initiation. However, after starting a business, it is not a cakewalk to run it effectively. Any business or organization has its values, mission, and vision statements. Each organization is unique in its way, and this uniqueness comes from how each one runs their business and how their ideal customer responds.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Civil Engineering as a Career

Engineering is one of the most commonly opted courses of study after a student completes his or her schooling. While several different engineering courses have been taught in engineering colleges, many new courses have emerged as the world advances in the path of technology and development. If you remember your younger self trying to build houses using match sticks, playing cards, or anything you could use, you might have a good go with civil engineering.

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A Complete Guide on Automobile Engineering

If you are in the last year of your schooling or have completed it and are trying to decide if automobile engineering would be the best fit for you, read on. Our younger selves of us, as toddlers, would have had a set of toys to play with, which would have definitely included toy vehicles like motorcycles, cars, buses, etc. Growing up, we would have been intrigued by how a vehicle runs and even more when we started driving one.

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Blog- Pure-Mechanical Engineering

Pure Mechanical Engineering Hacks for Beginners

Engineering is one of the many commonly opted undergraduate courses. The number of students pursuing engineering is huge. There are various branches of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical and electronics, computer science, etc. As a toddler or during childhood, you were obsessed with taking apart every part of your toys and putting them back together, assembling them into their original state. Over the years, you continued to observe the machines and were enthralled by their work. If this sounds like you, mechanical engineering would be a good fit for you!

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How does an engineer have better chances of becoming an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business and is willing to take financial risks to make more money. An engineer is a person who has obtained a B.E. or a B.Tech degree. At first glance, we may feel there is not much in common between these two personalities.

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Which engineering branch is right for you?

If you are a class eleven or twelve student, you are likely to ponder over the conundrum of what to study after school. If you happen to be a science student and want to pursue engineering, or if you find engineering intimidating, you are probably not properly informed about engineering and its various branches. Read on to discover more about this field and to find what you are looking for.

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TNEA 2022 Application Demo | Step-by-Step explained


Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions Application Form for 2022 has been released on 20.06.2022. The TNEA counselling is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education, Tamil Nadu, for candidates wishing to get admitted in B. Tech/B. Arch courses offered in various engineering colleges of Tamil Nadu on the basis of 12th board exam marks. The application process is completely online and the last date for registration and uploading documents is on 19.07.2022.

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The scope and future of mechanical engineering


The role of mechanical engineers in rebuilding the world post-pandemic is really crucial. While the world experiences new normal, industries are moving ahead in adopting new technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent and ARVR for assembly to cope with the new needs of the world. There is no doubt that Mechanical engineering defines engineering, it is a classic stream and there will always be a demand for it towards the human comfort.

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Get set for 6 really cool things once you get on board MCET


When you enter your college life after 12th standard, Lot of dreams about it and your search for best engineering college in Coimbatore ends with MCET. College life is full of excitement and it’s about getting out on your own for the first time, exploring new things, meeting new people, and learning everything from how to do a research and how to deal with difficult and/or awesome situations. Get set for 6 really cool things once you get on board MCET!

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What is the scope of Civil Engineering in India


Engineering is one of the most preferred courses when it comes to graduation. There is an immense need to become an engineer considering the positions and designations offered for that degree behind your name.

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Choosing the right engineering course & college


Best engineering course & college

Tamil Nadu ranks second in the country with the number of engineering colleges, lakhs of engineering graduates successfully completing the programme every year.

The first thing that runs through everyone’s mind after their schooling is the option of choosing engineering as their graduation. On the other hand, the biggest dilemma lies between choosing the best engineering college, the most happening engineering departments in the tech industry and industry driven Programmes.

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The Future of Learning: How the pandemic has changed education forever


There is no doubt that pandemic has resulted in schools and colleges shut all across the world. Across the globe, over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. In the aftermath, education has evolved dramatically with the typical rise of e-learning. Thereby school & college teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

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