Clubs are the vibrant pulse of academic institutions, providing students with ample opportunities to connect, learn, exhibit and grow beyond the confines of classrooms. These hubs are the venues of creativity and passion-driven outlets and play a predominant role in moulding student from spectator to performer. One of the remarkable aspects of clubs stands its diversity. From academic pursuits such as science, literature and debate to artistic expressions like music, dance, mime and craft, clubs cater to a plethora of interests.

Additionally, clubs often engage in community outreach programs, bridging the gap between the campus and the local community and ensure to raise the students as the best citizen. Initiatives such as educational workshops, health camps and environmental clean-up convened by clubs contribute constructive growth to society, instilling a sense of social responsibility among students. Through various clubs, MCET caters to the holistic development of the students and our students actively participate in any one of the clubs as on a mandatory note.

List of Clubs

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