Which engineering branch is right for you?


If you are a class eleven or twelve student, you are likely to ponder over the conundrum of what to study after school. If you happen to be a science student and want to pursue engineering, or if you find engineering intimidating, you are probably not properly informed about engineering and its various branches. Read on to discover more about this field and to find what you are looking for.

Engineering is a vast area of study which has many specializations coming up. The career opportunities in this field are huge. Also, the rise in technology has made the industry create more jobs, thereby recruiting more. They take in the millions of students who graduate as engineers every year. While engineering is a highly useful subject to study, it has got a lot of branches, which makes you go “Which is the one for me?” and for which you will have the answer after you read this.

The Popular Branches in Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering

If you enjoyed playing with vehicle toys as a kid, loved separating the parts, and putting them back together and that interest has continued through the years, then this course is for you.

Mechanical engineering deals with the manufacturing of a machine for which the principles of physics and material science are employed. Using these concepts, the design, development, and construction of machines such as aircraft, vehicles, and turbo machinery are carried out. If you are quite strong in mechanics, kinematics, and thermodynamics, then opt for this course.

Mechanical engineers find employment in government organizations like Railways, and Metro projects and in private organizations like Ford, Tata Motors, Bajaj, Honda and many more.

Civil Engineering

As a kid, you might have built houses using matchsticks or playing cards. Growing up, you have looked at monuments and started pondering how they are built. If this sounds like you, then you can consider enrolling in civil engineering.

As a civil engineer, you would learn about the planning, designing, construction, and maintenance of buildings. Apart from that, it also deals with public works like roads, bridges, dams, sewage systems, airports and railways.

Civil engineers are mostly employed by construction firms. They can also find employment in the public sector, like the Central Public Works Department.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

If you have been fascinated by how a bulb glows, how the electric fan rewards us with air, or how the room becomes bright when the switch is pressed, this course will fascinate you even more.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, also known as EEE, deals with the design, application, and maintenance of systems and devices that are used in electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It teaches about semiconductors, microprocessors, DC machines and transformers.

An electrical engineer designs electric circuits and equipment for many uses.

Computer Science Engineering

If you fare exceptionally well at solving problems using program code, computer science engineering could be the course for you.

CSE is one of the top courses that students pursue after schooling.

Computer science engineering is about the development of hardware and software. It deals with algorithms, programming languages, computer networks, software development, etc. In recent times, specialization in Artificial Intelligence is sought by students.

There are numerous career opportunities for computer science engineering graduates. Computer science engineers are employed as software developers, application developers, website developers, etc.

To choose the right engineering course for yourself,

  • Write down your interests clearly.
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses. That is, find your strongest performing area in academics.
  • Next, create a short list of the engineering courses you prefer.
  • Research about each of the courses in terms of subjects involved, scope and career opportunities.
  • Finally, choose two engineering courses out of the list you have made and try to enroll in one of those.
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