A Complete Guide on Automobile Engineering

A Complete Guide on Automobile Engineering

If you are in the last year of your schooling or have completed it and are trying to decide if automobile engineering would be the best fit for you, read on. Our younger selves of us, as toddlers, would have had a set of toys to play with, which would have definitely included toy vehicles like motorcycles, cars, buses, etc. Growing up, we would have been intrigued by how a vehicle runs and even more when we started driving one.

If you have the same traits, but it is even more extensive to the point of your eyes going toward a classy car every time you walk on the streets and admire its beauty, you may have an affinity for automobiles.

Read on to learn more about automobile engineering, its scope as a career, and where you can study to bring out the best in you.

Automobile Engineering – What is it?

Automobile engineering is a branch of engineering, specifically vehicle engineering. Automobile engineering covers the manufacture, design, and operations of automobiles. The study of automobile engineering involves the concepts of mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering to be applied to the designing, manufacturing, and operating of vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, cars, etc. Designing, developing, and creating vehicle components and assembling the parts of automobiles are also taught in automobile engineering.

Automobile engineering is ideal for individuals who are in awe of vehicles and their work. While it can involve various concepts to understand the essence of automobile engineering, the four-year undergraduate course is delightful to study and understand the working of automobiles.

Skills Required for Automobile Engineering

The subjects involved in automobile engineering are the basic sciences, mathematics, thermodynamics, mechanics, calculus, vehicle design, graphics and drawing, etc.

A mix of technical skills and analytical skills is required for automobile engineering. The technical skills involve the ones covered in the subjects such as thermodynamics, mechanics, designing of mechanical systems, the strength of materials, etc. The analytical skills involve logical reasoning, problem-solving, understanding mathematical operations, etc.

Besides, any individual is expected to possess skills of effective communication, critical thinking, presentation, and teamwork to hold an appreciable position in their workplace. It is up to an individual to acquire the required skills, be they technical or professional, to keep themselves up to date in their field.

Career Prospects for Automobile Engineers
There are plenty of career prospects for automobile engineers, and let us look at a few.

Development Engineer

The components that make up a complete automobile are many, and they have to function as designed and should have the ability to work in harmony with the entire system. The job of a development engineer revolves around the interactions of all the systems in an automobile, and they are responsible for the function of automobiles.

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing, as the word suggests, is the production of the various components of a vehicle. Manufacturing engineers consist of process engineers, tooling engineers, assembly planners, etc. Manufacturing engineers are responsible for the proper production of the vehicle.

Why Automobile Engineering?

  • Automobile engineering is a professional engineering discipline where the undergraduate degree is a four-year course.
  • If you are someone who admires vehicles and is fascinated and curious about their working, automobile engineering is the perfect choice for you.
  • Automobile engineering is the course that satisfies your love for automobiles, their components, and their work.
  • Automobile engineering is a vast area that has many options to explore. A degree in automobile engineering can develop and shape your career by laying out plenty of options.

Automobile Engineering – Why should you study in MCET?

Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, founded by Arutchelvar Dr N. Mahalingam, is an educational institution that takes in students, educates and nurtures them into highly qualified and intellectual individuals ready to excel in their careers. Having a remarkable legacy, Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology has been functioning for over twenty years.

The vision of Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology is to develop a globally competitive workforce and entrepreneurs. MCET bears this vision and strives to provide quality education to MCETians, in an appropriate environment equipped with all facilities.

If you have decided to pursue automobile engineering, Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology is the right institution for you. With the sole thought of enriching the students with a good amount of knowledge, the MCET campus has a pleasant infrastructure. It possesses all the required facilities, such as the laboratory, library, student clubs, etc. Automobile engineering in MCET will give you a great deal of knowledge on the subjects and concepts by enhancing your skills through the various unique teaching methods. Also, the professional skill development courses provided at MCET will make you an individual with the appropriate professional traits, demeanour, etc., to don the workplace ethics and practices.

Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology also addresses a significant aspect of college life, placement. The students of MCET get the proper assistance for placement which results in them obtaining jobs at reputable companies.

Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology is the right choice for students wishing to pursue engineering courses.

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