SGS is a student body, exclusively made up of students from second to final years. It is a body of the students, for the students and works to ensure that each and every student gets the best possible college experience.

Every year a new team consisting of a President, Secretary and twelve more members to represent such areas as, sports and other curricular and co-curricular activities, is selected from the applicants who wish to serve. SGS selects a team of about 100 Event Management Team (EMT) volunteers to assist them. All positions are voluntary. Every student is given equal opportunity to apply for the various positions.

SGS acts as an interface/messenger between the student body and the management. SGS conducts periodic general body meetings, consisting of the class representatives of all classes, to understand the issues related to student life in MCET. They meet with the management as necessary to inform, discuss and identify possible solutions to the student identified issues and relay them back to the students.

Most of the college functions and the annual technical symposium are planned, organized and managed by SGS.


  Enhance the educational experience of the students at MCET, by being the interface between them and the management


 Identify the needs of the students for better campus experience
 Express the needs of the students and suggest / recommend possible solutions to the administrative team
 Be a conduit for information between students and management



 Serves as a spokesperson for the students to the management.
 Disseminates information from management to students.
 Represents the students at official functions.
 Maintains contact with faculty advisers for guidance/report of progress.
 Submit the academic calendar for SGS activities
 Serves as a secondary signatory on financial accounts.
 Presides over meetings of SGS.
 Facilitates general body meetings.
 Approves reports/documents prepared by SGS team.
 Guides all members of executive team in executing SGS activities.
 Remains fair and impartial during decision making processes.
 rovides encouragement and motivation to fellow SGS members.

Vice President

Assumes the duties of the President in his or her absence.
Organizes / facilitates the college functions and SGS events
Represents SGS at official functions at the request of the President.
Remains fair and impartial during decision making processes.
Performs other duties as directed by the President.


  Prepares an agenda with the President for all meetings.
  Submit monthly progress report for SGS
  Notifies all members of meetings with the agenda.
  Keeps a record of all SGS activities.
  Maintains attendance at all meetings.
  Keeps and distributes minutes of each meeting.
  Maintains records, storage, and office.
  Prepares and files any report required.
  Handles all official correspondence of SGS.
  Represents SGS at official functions at the request of the President.
  Remains fair and impartial during decision making process.
  Performs other duties as directed by the President.


  Is familiar with accounting procedures and policies.
  Collects and submits the bills with report to faculty advisers of SGS.
  Keeps all financial records of SGS.
  Prepares the annual budget.
  Prepares all budget requests for funds.
  Prepares and submits financial reports to SGS team.
  Provides the faculty adviser/director (SA) with summary of financial records at
the end of the academic year.
  Maintains an inventory of all equipment and its condition.
  Represents organization at official functions at the request of the president.
  Remains fair and impartial during any decision making process.
  Performs other duties as directed by the President.

SGS executive committee members

SGS team consists of six more members, in addition to the four office bearers. Their
roles and responsibilities are as follows.
1.Co-Curricular coordinator
Be knowledgeable of all Value added courses available in various Centres of
excellence and provide needed information to the student community
Attend various meetings on higher studies programmes (within and outside the
country). Be cognizant of these and promote awareness among students.
Conduct co-curricular activities through appropriate clubs/professional bodies.
2. Extra- Curricular coordinator
Experience as an office bearer in Clubs/ NSS/ NCC is required.
Responsible for budget allocation to the clubs based on discussion with the
faculty advisers.
Facilitate communication between the clubs, faculty advisers.
3.Sports Coordinator (Two positions, , F/M)
Should be an active participant of at least one sport.
Promote sports among students.
Play an active role in organizing the Sports Day, Intramurals, and Sports for
teachers, League matches etc.
4. IT coordinator
Maintain the database of students.
Design booklets and other branding materials, as needed (coordinate with the
college web administrator).
5. EMT coordinator
Maintain a record of all volunteers.
Coordinate assignment with SGS president and faculty advisers.
Make sure the assignments are equitably distributed among all volunteers.
Works with EMT volunteers during the college events.

Student’s Guild of Service 2022-2023

Acting Role Posting Roll No Name of the Student
President 20BCE016 Selva.n R. Surya Kumar
Vice President 20BCE008 Setvi S. Sangarnithra
Secretary 20BCS037 Se!vi K M. Kaviyasree
Joint Secretary 20BCE007 Se1va.n D. Praveen Kumar
Treasurer 20BCS015 Seivi K S. Renu
Wornen’s Coordinator 20BEE004 Selvi D. Sugi Varshini
11 Coordinator 20BCS041 Selvi G. Rithika
Sr. Mentor 19BCS107 Selvan V. Veeraraghavan
Jr. Mentor 19BEE063 Selvi K.Subhiksha
Faculty Advisor
Dr. P.S.Devi Prasadh AP/SS
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