Why Pursuing B.Tech in AI and Data Science is a Smart Career Move

Are you currently a student (or) in the process of choosing your future career path? The rapidly expanding job market in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science has opened up new opportunities for those interested in a career in this field. Pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in AI and Data Science can be a better career move now and in the future.

Growing Importance of AI and Data Science

AI and data science have become vital tools in various industries, including Healthcare, Finance, Education, Technology, Manufacturing, and E-Commerce. The use of these tools continues to grow and revolutionize how organizations do business. In health care, AI improves disease detection and drug discovery. In finance, AI improves fraud detection and in e-commerce, AI is being used to improve customer experience.

The demand for artificial intelligence and data science professionals is growing as more and more companies realize the potential advantage these tools can bring. “AI Engineer” has been listed as one of the top job roles from late 2021. The demand for data science professionals has outstripped supply for many years, and many large companies are investing heavily in recruiting and retaining data science talent.


DS – Hiring for data scientists and engineers has grown by Over 35% in the last five years, and these jobs have topped the LinkedIn emerging jobs for the previous three years.

6xr954 Data Scientist salary in India across industries average salary- 10 LPA Estimated Take home- 72- 84k/month.

AI – Hiring has grown ever faster- 74% over the last four years.

Two Significant things which are contributed to Data Growth are

6xr954 Usage of Mobile Technologies Under the Internet of Things (IoT).

6xr954 The Utilization of Social Media Technologies.

Advantages of B. Tech AI and DS

An abundance of Positions: The Absence of skilled Data Scientists makes the positions Abundant Compared to the jobs in the IT sector. It has numerous Opportunities for the Aspirants these B. Tech in DS can be a Fruitful Career option.

The course is more Versatile: Tech Wide Utilized Sectors like Banking, Health Care, Finance, and E-Commerce. So skilled Data Scientists will get Multiple Opportunities to work in different fields.

Data Science Enhances the Data: They analyze the data and Enhance its Quality.

Skills and Knowledge – Pursuing a B.Tech in AI and Data Science program provides students- The opportunity to develop skills in machine learning, data analysis, and analytics. Graduates will have hands-on experience with modern AI tools and algorithms that are applied to everyday scenarios.

Immensely Paid Career Options: Multiple Apps of DS is one of the Hugely Paid jobs, and Data Scientists are paid more than Engineers in IT Companies with Lucrative Career options. Multiple Careers in AI and Data Science are:

6xr954 Data Scientists

6xr954 BI developer

6xr954 Research Scientists

6xr954 Business Analyst

6xr954 Data Architect

6xr954 Machine Learning Engineer

6xr954 AI Architect

6xr954 Robotics Engineer

6xr954 Computer Vision Engineer

6xr954 Full Stack Developer

6xr954 Neutral Network Developer

6xr954 Cloud Engineer

Skills Covered at MCET

6xr954 Machine Learning

6xr954 Neutral Networks

6xr954 Deep Learning

6xr954 Descriptive Statistics

6xr954 Inferential Statistics

6xr954 Exploratory Data Analysis

6xr954 Hypothesis Testing

6xr954 Data Wrangling

6xr954 Data Visualization

6xr954 Batch Processing of Data

6xr954 Streaming of Data

Choosing B.Tech in AI and Data Science at MCET is a smart move due to the growing importance of these tools in various industries. Graduates can expect job security, high salaries, and the opportunity to work in diverse fields and roles. The demand for AI and data science professionals is growing exponentially. As such, it is an excellent opportunity for students interested in venturing into this future-proof career path.

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