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In recent years, the need of research and innovation is growing in rapid phase due to the advancement in various industries. Research is also a critical phenomenon which include studying, experimenting and innovate newer things to make human life style in comfort. In this context, introducing research focus to budding engineers becomes essential. Establishment of a student research forum is expected to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration and provides a best platform for students to present their research findings and innovative ideas in diversified fields in engineering and technology.


The Student Research Council (SRC) is a student organization, partially run by students with the support of the SRC Coordinator and faculty advisor. The SRC encourages the students to organize Conference, workshop, Exhibition, Innovative projects Expo, Hackathon and Industry Experts talk also encourages the students to participate in external events like paper presentation, Innovative projects expo, Hackathon and consultancy.

The SRC helps in research enrichment for the students by engaging students in a vibrant research environment, where they will be surrounded by and can exchange research ideas with peers and near-peer mentors. It is a place where students will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of research and to interact with other students who have a shared interest in research.


The SRC provides a public stage for the presentation, assessment and discussion of their scientific investigations as well an opportunity to recognize and award exceptional research efforts. The council will provide exposure to talks from world-class researchers and promote interdisciplinary collaboration between industries and students to foster high-quality, innovative research that will transform our present scientific understanding and ultimately improve their knowledge.

Student Research Council (2023 – 2024) – View / Download


S.No. Name Dept Year Position
1  S.B. Pranavkumar Mechatronics IV President
2  A. Parveena Civil IV Vice President
3  S.R. Manicka Prabu Mechanical III Secretary
4  V. Subashini ECE III Joint Secretary
5  G.Srihari CSE III Joint Secretary
6  R. Pranesh IT III Treasurer
7  R. Subhashini Auto II Executive Member
8  P. Prajith CSE II Executive Member
9  Mohamed Faizil Mechanical II Executive Member
10  V. Uthayakumar IT II Executive Member
11  K. Magudeshwaran AIDS I Executive Member
12  M. Momalnafeesha Civil I Executive Member


Student Research Council
Student Research Council1
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