The Arutchelvar Vidya Sakthi (AVS) Scholarship at MCET

The Arutchelvar Vidya Sakthi (AVS) Scholarship at MCET

In a remarkable gesture that celebrates education, talent, and the spirit of giving, the Arutchelvar Vidya Sakthi (AVS) Scholarship was launched on February 7, 2016. This auspicious initiative was further elevated when its award function commenced on March 28, 2016, becoming a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring students. The college premises served as the backdrop for this celebratory occasion, paying tribute to the great benefactor Arutchelvar, in conjunction with his 93rd birthday celebration.

The AVS Scholarship isn’t just a scholarship; it’s a testament to the belief that talent knows no boundaries, and financial constraints should never hinder the pursuit of knowledge. It is a program rooted in the values of promoting, recognizing, and rewarding outstanding students for their exceptional talent.

One of the most striking aspects of the AVS Scholarship is its remarkable scale. Valued at a generous sum of Rs. 70 Lakhs, this scholarship program extends its benevolence to 400 deserving students every year. Among this select group, 100 meritorious students embarking on their first-year engineering programs are recognized and supported in a unique manner.

The scholarship is structured to not only provide financial assistance but also to acknowledge and incentivize sustained academic excellence. Over the course of four years, the scholarship award progressively increases, signifying an ongoing commitment to nurturing talent:

  • I year: Rs. 10,000 each
  • II year: Rs. 15,000 each
  • III year: Rs. 20,000 each
  • IV year: Rs. 25,000 each

The incremental approach serves as both a motivation and a recognition of the students dedication and achievements throughout their academic journey.

Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology (MCET) takes immense pride in offering the AVS Scholarship to deserving students. As we step into 2023, MCET continues this noble tradition by extending this scholarship to a select group of students, reaffirming its commitment to education, talent, and empowerment.

The AVS Scholarship at MCET is a symbol of hope, belief, and support. It represents the embodiment of dreams, aspirations, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. More than just a financial grant, it is an investment in the future, a declaration that talent should be nurtured and celebrated.

As MCET proudly supports these future leaders, it reaffirms its role as a catalyst for change and progress in the realm of education. The AVS Scholarship is a powerful testament to the transformative power of education and the enduring belief that with the right opportunities and support, exceptional talent can flourish and reach new heights.

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