Centre for Innovation, Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship

"Transforming Idea into Business Venture"


6xr954 Aligning with the Government of India’s Make in India and Start-up India policies, the campus recognizes the dire need for increasing the employment creators as opposed to seekers. With this objective CIBIE was established in the year 2015. CIBIE helps to instill the confidence in students that their raw idea could be validated and translated into a commercially successful model

6xr954 A questionnaire administered across the college helps to discover the career aspirations of the students, whether they wish to go for employment or become an entrepreneur. The latter is given a focused orientation through series of awareness programs

6xr954 Create platforms to showcase their ideas through idea pitching contest, select the best among the lot and put them through boot camps to validate their concept. Provide necessary support to gestate the prototype and deliver a commercially viable product.

6xr954  Generate opportunities to network with SMEs to fine tune the working model and to demonstrate the project to potential investors and increase the chance of being funded for scaling up.

6xr954 Conduct hackathons to select students to enroll into Protosem, a six month course on innovation and entrepreneurship in the pre-final year.

6xr954 Encourage students to participate in Science and Technology Contest in order to elicit their ability to innovate.

CIBIE has a 2000 sq. ft. exclusive facility for the incubatees to research and develop their product. The incubatees are facilitated to utilize all the resources available inside the campus for this purpose. The incubatees recruit students as intern and subsequently offer jobs to work as full time employee.

CIBIE has signed up MoUs with Forge Accelerator, Coimbatore and Million Minds, Mumbai to augment its efforts to increase the number of students taking up Entrepreneurship. CIBIE is also a member of Indian STEP and Business Incubator’s Association (ISBA).

Currently, CIBIE has 9 active Incubatees which includes students, alumni and graduates from other colleges.  Two incubatees have branched out to become independent after a year of gestation in the incubation centre.

Centre for Innovation, Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship | MCET

(Inauguration of Centre for Innovation Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship by our Chairman, Dr. M. Manickam)

1. Seyonn Technologies (2015):Founded by Mr. K. Krishnaraj and Mr. Ashok Kumar currently has a team of 6 members. Seyonn website development, ERP Software for hybrid farms, Billing software for retail industry, SEO work for farms, I-Farmer App for buy and sell produce, updation of daily market price of produce, weather forecast, organic farming, terrace farming, and the contacts of experts, availability farm machineries and equipments.

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(Seyonn Team interaction with Ms. Soumya, VP, ITK Education Services.)

2.MASH Technologies (2016):Mr. S. Vignesh a 2016 passed out CSE student of MCET started this company. MASH has developed two major products one is the lorry transport aggregator and the other one is Tractor aggregator called Gold Farm. MASH is the technology partner for Mercury since August 2017. Government of Karnataka is a client of MASH and Mercury who are working towards implementing the Gold Farm tractor aggregator in Karnataka.

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3. Awerum (2017):Mr. K. Muthuselvan an alumnus of MCET partnering with Mr. M. Raguram, founded this company in 2017. Awerum offers IT services such as; web application, mobile application development, digital marketing, web services, e.commerce solutions, and custom PC app development.

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4. Infinity Inside (2018):Mr.T.Arun Kumar, an alumnus of MCET is a virtual Incubatee at CIBIE who started Infinity Inside in the year 2018. He offers billing software for retail industry and has also ventured into dairy industry.

5. Blink Automation (2018):Aswinth Selvakumar a student of Automobile Engineering jointly established the company in 2018. Blink Automation has introduced digital transaction inside the campus which enables cashless transaction in the canteens operating inside through RF ID card and scanner.

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6. CreaMi (2018): The students of Finearts Club joined together to commence an art gallery where they showcase their art work, craft work, etc. for sale. They plan to start an e.commerce website in future that will sell their artwork to a larger customer base.

7. Infrogo (2018): Mr. Vignesh an alumnus of MCET who worked in MASH Technologies for a year resigned the job to start Script Labs in 2018, which has been rechristened as INFROGO. He offers software service to retail industry and also works on product development.

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8. IronMan Technology & Consultant (2019): Mr. M. Vinod Veeranan is an alumnus of MCET graduated in the year 2009. After a decade experience in the IBM and growing to become an expert in AI and Automation he has moved out to start IrontMan Technology at CIBIE. Mr. Vinod has a great passion is sharing his knowledge and skill to his juniors in the campus.

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9.  Mayon (2019):Manoj K. Sriivardhan, a student of Automobile Engineering Department has passionately started this company which will develop an aggregate for waterless car wash and also work on developing an autonomous farm equipment. He is very keen to roll out products that are environment friendly.

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10. HASHh Automation (2019):M/s. R. Lakshman Karthik and G. Guru Aswath 2018 passed out students of MCET have started a company called HASHh Automation which offers home automation of electrical appliances. The specialty of this venture is that the equipments are manufactured by the alumni and it is their own invention.

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