Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)


The educational system at MCET has undergone stages (Affiliated/Autonomous/Outcome Based) of evolution in the past decade to adopt Outcome Based Education (accepted globally after the Washington Accord)
MCET is leveraging the Autonomous status (w.e.f. 2011) to implement Outcome Based Education across all programmes
The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) is being established to focus on continuous quality improvement in every aspect of education. It takes into account

• New policy frameworks at the national level in the areas of higher education
• Directives issued by regulatory bodies like AICTE, UGC, etc.

The Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) empowers the faculty to equip the students to strive in academically challenged and actively engaging environment. We work to create a platform for an intensive teaching, learning, evaluation and assessment experience. We enable the faculty to emerge as Tech Educators, Thought Leaders, and Tech Innovators in the field of technology.


Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate teaching learning practices to enable learners to demonstrate 21st century skills.


Support learners in demonstrating futuristic competencies by introducing suitable policies.
Develop technical and teaching competencies to meet emerging contemporary needs leading to successful learning achievements.
Design learner centric physical, digital workspaces to improve learner engagement and effectiveness of learning.
Deploy academic frameworks aimed at promoting learning for multiple stakeholders.

Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) members

Head TLC
Dr. T. Ramkumar,

Assistant Professor (S.G.) / MECH


Coordinator (Circuit Stream)
Dr. K. Saranya,
Assistant Professor (S.S.) / EEE

Coordinator (IT Stream)
Ms. S.C. Lavanya,
Assistant Professor (S.S.) / CSE

Coordinator (Core Stream)
Mr. A. Manikandan,
Assistant Professor / Civil

Coordinator (S & H)
Ms. V. Arunadevi,
Assistant Professor (S.S.) / English

Department Level Coordinators

Department Name with Designation
Mech. Mr. S. Naveenkumar, Assistant Professor
Auto. Mr. R. Vishnu Rameshkumar, Assistant Professor
Civil Mr.A.Manikandan, Assistant Professor
ECE Ms.R.Sherinejenny,  Assistant Professor (S.S.)
EEE Mr.K.Manikandan, Assistant Professor
E & I Mr G.Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor
CSE Ms.K.Radha, Assistant Professor
IT Ms.S.Soundariya, Assistant Professor (S.S.)
AIDS Ms.R.Geetha Rajakumari, Assistant Professor
AI-ML Ms.Yamunadevi, Assistant Professor
Cyber Security D.Gowri, Assistant Professor
MCA Dr. S. Raja Rajeswari, Assistant Professor
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