Professional Skills Courses

Q1 What are Professional Skills courses?
Professional Skills courses, shortly PS courses, are those courses that are offered with the objective of enabling the students of the college imbibe all those skills that are needed to be successful in their professional and personal life. These courses are offered for developing the behavioral competencies of students.
Q2 How are these courses different from the regular courses that student undergo in the college?
The regular courses are technical oriented. Those courses help acquire knowledge and skill on technical subjects. They develop technical expertise that is much needed for becoming a proficient engineer in the career – either as an employee in a company or as an entrepreneur.
Whereas, the PS courses bring in the appropriate mental awakening among the students in understanding, assimilating and demonstrating lifelong all those skills and virtues that bolster their strength and spirit to perform their duties to the highest level excellence, fairness and satisfaction to self and all concerned at all times.
If technical skills are the trunk, leaves and fruits of the tree that one see outside in action, it is those professional skills that are the deep running roots of the tree that keep the tree of life standing steadfast in all weathers of fortune or austerity.
Q3 Do PS courses form part of curriculum?

All PS courses are part of curriculum. They are considered as practical courses each with one credit. One course per each semester offered up to sixth semester.
Q4 Are there regular syllabi for PS courses?
Yes. Each PS course has a syllabus that details the course outcomes for the course, detailed unit-wise content for coverage, method of assessment and evaluation. The syllabus for each professional course has been designed with inputs from the subject matter experts and industry personnel.
Q5 How many PS courses have been designed and offered so far?
So far four PS courses have been designed and offered. For the fifth one course design is completed and ready for offering in the upcoming semester.
Q6 Are PS courses offered to all departments
Initially the PS courses were started for the students of Mechanical and Automobile Engineering (2014-15 batch) on a pilot mode.
From the batch 2015-16 PS courses are being offered to students of all departments.

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