Science & Humanities - Mathematics

Engineering is mathematics.

Every branch of Engineering is based on the application of mathematics to the physical world to describe the transfer of heat, energy, mass and momentum. Mathematics details the impact of stress, strain, erosive chemicalsand heat on systems. Mathematics is used in risk management, cost estimation, life span calculations, scale up and downsizing. The team of faculty members is co-ordinated by Dr. G.V.Sriramachandran, Assistant Professor (SG). The department continues its commitments of providing a firm understanding of the underlying mathematical principles in the field of engineering, so as to develop a “Comfort zone” not only for Mathematics but also for its applications involved.


S. No Name Designation Qualifications
1 Dr. G.V.Sriramachandran Associate Professor Ph.D
2 Dr. N.Pankajam Assistant Professor (SG) Ph.D SET
3 Dr. R.Ramesh Assistant Professor Ph.D
4 Dr. R.Mariappan Assistant Professor Ph.D SET
5 Dr. L.Senthil Kumar Assistant Professor Ph.D
6 Dr. K.Kanak Sindhu Assistant Professor Ph.D
7 Dr. M.Raju Assistant Professor Ph.D
8 Ms. K.Kalaiselvi Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil
9 Ms. B.Maheswari Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil
10 Ms. N.Punitha Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil
11 Ms.V.Akalya Devi Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil
12 Mr.T.Muthukumar Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil
13 Ms.R.Nishanthi Assistant Professor M.Sc. M.Phil
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