Science & Humanities - Chemistry

The department of chemistry intends to foster scientific thinking in the minds of engineering aspirants in order to upskill them as quality engineers and to facilitate knowledge acquisition. Four qualified faculty members of the department chalk out with a vision of instilling self paced and application oriented learning to the students.
Young entrants enrolled in I B.E Programmes are provided opportunities to carry out experiments. In light of the fact, as being an autonomous institution, besides university credit experiments, the lab is set up to conduct theory-related practical sessions for advancing students’ knowledge.

Laboratory Facilities:

service_right_icon2   BOD Incubator
service_right_icon2   Centrifuge Revolutionary
service_right_icon2   Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus
service_right_icon2   Colorimeter digital
service_right_icon2   Conductivity Meter
service_right_icon2   Dissolved Oxygen Meter
service_right_icon2   Electrochemical workstation
service_right_icon2   Electronic top loading balance
service_right_icon2   Flame photometer
service_right_icon2   Flash point appratus
service_right_icon2   Glass Distillation Double
service_right_icon2   Hot air oven
service_right_icon2   Muffle Furnace
service_right_icon2   Nephelometer

service_right_icon2   Orbital Shaking Incubator
service_right_icon2   Peristaltic pump
service_right_icon2   pH Meter
service_right_icon2   Potentiometer Digital
service_right_icon2   Shaking Machine
service_right_icon2   Sieve Shaker
service_right_icon2   Single Pan Balance
service_right_icon2   Suction Pump and Accessories
service_right_icon2   Table top Ball Mill
service_right_icon2   TDS Meter
service_right_icon2   UV Visible Spectrophotometer
service_right_icon2   Visible Spectrophotometer


service_right_icon2  Three- fourth of the team hold doctoral degrees.
service_right_icon2  Promotes projects and research activities of students and research scholars.

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