Value Added Courses

Value Added Courses

The Value Added Education Courses aim to provide additional learner centric graded skill oriented technical training, with the primary objective of improving the employability skills of students. The main objectives of the program are:

service_right_icon2   To provide students an understanding of the expectations of industry.

service_right_icon2   To improve employability skills of students of MCET.

service_right_icon2   To bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready.

service_right_icon2   To provide an opportunity to students to develop inter-disciplinary skills.

Value Added Courses offered to our students:

computeR.fw   Cisco – CCNA

computeR.fw   EMC2– ISM

computeR.fw   Multimedia

computeR.fw   Oracle

computeR.fw   Microsoft Innovation Centre – Courses

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