Department of Science and Humanities

       The term Engineering is defined as “the application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical ends such as the design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and economical structures, machines, processes, and systems”. Hence understandings of the basic scientific and mathematical concepts are of paramount importance for an engineering graduate. Further, students need clarity in expression to put forth their innovative ideas. They should always have an eye for economically viable engineering solutions. The department of Science and Humanities plays a pivotal role in fostering the fundamental principles and understanding of science among the students. It aims to improve students’ communication skills in English and to inculcate human values and knowledge on economics.The faculty imparts proper guidance and motivation for the students from the first day of their joining the College.The department has been there, right from the inception of the College in the year 1998 comprising streams such as: English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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