One Credit Courses


Every student should opt for a minimum of four one credit courses. No additional fees or charges will have to be paid by the students for these mandatory courses.

One Credit Courses offered to our students:

Batch 2017-2021 (III and IV Semester):

computeR.fw Linux Shell Programming

computeR.fw Graphics using C++

computeR.fw Digital Logic Circuit Simulation with Logisim

computeR.fw Devops Technologies

computeR.fw PHP and MYSQL

computeR.fw Embedded C Programming

computeR.fw Android Programming

Batch 2016-2020 (V and VI Semester):

computeR.fw R Programming

computeR.fw Hadoop & Hive

computeR.fw Internet of Things using Raspberry Pi

computeR.fw Open Stack

computeR.fw Advanced Java Script

computeR.fw Angular JS

computeR.fw JSP with MongoDB

computeR.fw Ruby and Rails

computeR.fw Hybrid Mobile App Development with Ionic

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