One Credit Courses


Every student should opt for a minimum of four one credit courses. No additional fees or charges will have to be paid by the students for these mandatory courses.

One Credit Courses offered to our students:

Second Year (III and IV Semester):

computeR.fw Practical approach to Problem Solving Techniques

computeR.fw Open source programming using Linux

computeR.fw Fundamentals of MATLAB

computeR.fw PHP and MySQL

computeR.fw Embedded Programming using PIC Microcontrollers

computeR.fw C & C++ Coding standards

computeR.fw Basics of Lab VIEW

computeR.fw Mobile Application Development using Android

Third Year (V and VI Semester):

computeR.fw Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA)

computeR.fw Mobile Application Development(Windows)

computeR.fw Mobile Application Development using jQuery

computeR.fw Programming Refinement Logic

computeR.fw Speech and Audio Signal Processing using MATLAB

computeR.fw Data Analytics using R

computeR.fw Programming Mobile Application for Android Handheld Systems

computeR.fw Cloud  Computing

computeR.fw Java web Services

computeR.fw Perl Programming

computeR.fw Server side scripting using  Python

computeR.fw Communication and Image processing using MATLAB

computeR.fw Fundamentals of Networking

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