One Credit Courses


Every student should opt for a minimum of four one credit courses. No additional fees or charges will have to be paid by the students for these mandatory courses.

One Credit Courses offered to our students:

Second Year (III and IV Semester):

computeR.fw DevOps Technologies

computeR.fw Linux Shell Programming

computeR.fw Graphics Using C++

computeR.fw Digital Logic Circuit Simulation With Logisim

computeR.fw Fundamentals of MATLAB

computeR.fw Mobile Application Development using Android

computeR.fw PHP and MySQL

computeR.fw Embedded C Programming

Third Year (V and VI Semester):

computeR.fw Data Analytics using R

computeR.fw Open Stack

computeR.fw Advanced Java Script

computeR.fw Hadoop & Hive

computeR.fw Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi

computeR.fw Programming Using Arduino

computeR.fw Speech and Image Processing Using MATLAB

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