Affiliated to Anna University Chennai, Tamil nadu, India.Approved by AICTE.



Structural Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory is in 95 square meters space including special equipments for measuring two dimensions & three dimension stresses, strain and load carrying capacity for the RCC, Steel  and Composite structures/Components with the help of in-house fabrication and  setup of loading frame  and electrical strain gauges. This laboratory can be used for U.G, P.G and Research/Consultancy purpose and also for various outsourcing services including private and public sectors. The laboratory is managed by a full time laboratory in-charge.


dart13     Loading Frame 50 Ton capacity

dart13     Motorized Hydraulic Jack

dart13     Data acquisition system model AI 8000 +1

dart13     Proving ring 25 ton capacity

dart13     Load cell compression type 50 ton capacity

dart13     Load cell compression type 10 ton capacity

dart13     Load cell compression type   5 ton capacity

dart13     Rebound Hammer

dart13     Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester

dart13     Concrete Mixer Machine

Structural Mechanics Laboratory

The laboratory is in 95 square meters space which includes the equipments for measuring & verifying the basic concepts, important theorems available in the Structural analysis and Structural mechanics theory subjects. This is useful for U.G students for better understanding the concepts about the behaviour of members/materials when subjected to the external loading by the suitable models and apparatus available in the laboratory. Assessing the concrete quality is also a vital part in the laboratory experiments.


dart13     Pin Joint Truss Apparatus

dart13     Two Hinged Arch Apparatus

dart13     Three Hinged Arch Apparatus

dart13     Elastic &Continuous beam Apparatus

dart13     Column Buckling Apparatus

dart13     Flexure testing m/c 100 KN

dart13     Measurement of Strain using Electrical Strain gauges for Cantilever beam

dart13     Measurement of Strain using Electrical Strain gauges for Simply supported beam

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory course is an indispensable supplement to the theory. It covers measuring devices and techniques, error analysis in experimental works and analysis of assumptions in the theory of fluid mechanics.


dart13     Pelton wheel turbine

dart13     Kaplan turbine

dart13     Francis turbine

dart13     Turgo Impulse turbine

dart13     Centrifugal pump

dart13     Reciprocating Pump

dart13     Submersible Pump

dart13     Gear Pump

dart13     Jet Pump

Strength of Materials laboratory

The laboratory is having the equipments for measuring mechanical properties and strength of materials includes RCC, Steel and Composites. This laboratory could be used for both U.G, P.G and Research/Consultancy purpose and also for various outsourcing services including private and public sectors. The laboratory is managed by a fulltime laboratory in-charge


service_right_icon2   UTM – Universal Testing Machine

service_right_icon2   Compression Testing Machine (CTM)

service_right_icon2   Tensile Testing Machine

service_right_icon2   Hardness Testing Machine

service_right_icon2   Torsion Testing Machine

service_right_icon2   Double shear Testing Machine with shear attachments

service_right_icon2   Impact Testing Machine

Construction Materials Laboratory

The objective of Construction materials laboratory is to determine the physical properties of building construction materials like cement, fine and coarse aggregate, steel, wood, and strength characteristics of cement mortar. The tests include determination of specific gravity, fineness, normal consistency, setting times, workability and soundness of cement, fineness modulus of fine and coarse aggregate, strength of cement mortar, and bricks. The students will be able to infer the suitability of these materials for construction.


dart13     CBR Apparatus

dart13     Blains Air Permeability Test Apparatus

dart13     Le Chatelier’s apparatus

dart13     Vicat’s apparatus

Consultancy Tests Carried in Laboratory:

1 . Cement

tes-icon.fw     Physical tests

tes-icon.fw    Fineness

tes-icon.fw    Setting time

tes-icon.fw    Compressive strength

tes-icon.fw    Soundness

2 . Sand

tes-icon.fw     Sieve analysis

tes-icon.fw    Specific gravity

tes-icon.fw    Bulk density

tes-icon.fw    Bulking.

3 . Coarse Aggregate

tes-icon.fw     Sieve analysis

tes-icon.fw     Bulk density

tes-icon.fw     Specific gravity

tes-icon.fw     Water absorption

tes-icon.fw     Aggregate crushing test

tes-icon.fw     Flakiness index

tes-icon.fw     Aggregate impact test

tes-icon.fw     Elongation index

tes-icon.fw     Deval abrasion

Concrete Technology Laboratory

Laboratory testing is the common element which all participants in the construction process utilize to provide assurance that their part of the process is correct. In this context, Concrete lab provides facilities for testing concrete in fresh and hardened state. Consultancy work for various construction firms are done extensively in the lab. It includes test for compressive strength, flexural strength, fineness and mix design of concrete etc. Thus a hands on exposure to these tests helps the students to craft themselves to be a civil engineer with better confidence and assessment skills.


dart13     Compression testing machine 2000KN Capacity.

dart13     Lab type Concrete mixer unit

dart13     Compaction factor test apparatus

dart13     Mortar cube moulds (7.05 x 7.05 x 7.05 cm)

Consultancy Tests Carried in Laboratory:

1 . Concrete

tes-icon.fw     Mix design of normal concrete

tes-icon.fw    Compression test on concrete cubes/cylinders/blocks

tes-icon.fw    Modulus of rupture test on prism

tes-icon.fw    Workability tests on fresh concrete

tes-icon.fw    Permeability test

tes-icon.fw    Concrete mix design with / without plasticisers

Highway Engineering laboratory

This laboratory contains different equipments used to categorize soil and bitumen binders in terms of their properties and quality control and provides an additional exposure to the testing of Highway Construction materials for the Civil Engineering students.


dart13     Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

dart13     Bitumen Binder Extraction Apparatus

dart13     Penksy Martens Flash and Fire point apparatus

dart13     Bitumen ductility testing machine

Consultancy Tests Carried in Laboratory:

1 . Bitumen Testing

tes-icon.fw     Penetration Test

tes-icon.fw     Softening Point

tes-icon.fw     Ductility Test

tes-icon.fw     Solubility Test

tes-icon.fw     Flash and Fire Point

2 . Bituminous Mixes Testing

tes-icon.fw     Bitumen Content

tes-icon.fw    Gradation of Aggregate From Bituminous Sample

tes-icon.fw    Benkelman Beam Test

tes-icon.fw    Marshall Stability Test

Soil Mechanics laboratory

Students will be involved in sampling, testing and evaluating soils in order to build a comprehensive knowledge about soil characteristics and their physical properties. Properties include soil strength and settlement under weights, and soil response to compaction.  The student is introduced to field investigation and testing. He/ She is also familiarized with the relative compaction and consolidation procedures.


dart13     Tri Axial Compression Testing Machine.

dart13     Direct Shear Test Apparatus.

dart13     Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus.

dart13     Consolidation Testing Machine.

dart13     Permeability Test Apparatus.

dart13     Relative Density Testing Machine.

dart13     Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus.

dart13     Consistency Limits Test Apparatus

dart13     Vane Shear Test Apparatus.

dart13     Sieve Shaker.

Environmental Engineering laboratory

The primary objective of this lab is to demonstrate environmental engineering testing procedures.



dart13     BOD Incubator

dart13     Spectro photometer

dart13     Muffle Furnace

dart13     Hot Air Oven

dart13     Jar Test Apparatus

dart13     Kjedahl digestion and distillation apparatus

dart13     Nephelo turbidity meter

dart13     DO Analyser

dart13     Digital conductivity meter

dart13     Digital photo colorimeter

dart13     Digital pH meter

dart13     Refrigerator

Surveying Laboratory

The Surveying laboratory undertakes works related to site survey, levelling and preparation of layouts, Contour mapping using Total station.



dart13     PENTAX total station

dart13     Electronic Theodolite

dart13     LYNX ST 20 E Vernier Theodolite

dart13     LYNX Dumpy level model

Computer Aided Structures Laboratory

COMPUTER AIDED STRUCTURES LABORATORY is a well equipped lab offering a different dimension of Civil Engineering. It allows the students to use different softwares and its applications.



dart13     37 Computers

dart13     ZWCAD drawing

dart13     Stad Pro

dart13     Auto CAD – civil 3D

dart13     SAP 2000

dart13     ETABS

dart13     Auto Disk – Structural detailing

Research laboratory

To cater the students need in the field of research and to work on the research projects, a separate research lab has been setup in the Civil Department.