Lab Details

Fluid Mechanics And Machinery Laboratory

Lab In Charge: Mr.S.Gokulakannan, Assistant Professor


List Of Equipments

Metacentre height apparatus

Reynolds apparatus

Pitot tube (Prandtl type)

Notches & weirs apparatus

Venturimeter, Orificemeter apparatus

Apparatus for study of losses in pipe

Orifice and mouth pieces apparatus

0.5 Hp pump with accessories

1 HP pump with accessories

HP pump with accessories

Impact of jet on vanes apparatus

Submersible pump test rig

Gear pump test rig

Jet pump test rig

Pelton wheel turbine test rig

Francis turbine test rig

Turgo impulse wheel turbine test rig


Kaplan turbine test rig

Bernoulli Verification apparatus

Centrifugal pump test rig (Closed circuit)

Reciprocating pump test rig (Closed circuit)

Metallurgy Laboratory

Lab In Charge: Mr.T.Kasirajan, Assistant Professor (SS)


List Of Equipments

Polishing Stand

Disc Polishing Machine

Belt Polishing Machine

Automatic Mounting Press

Manual Mounting Press

Abrasive Cutoff Machine

Optical Microscopes

Light Optical Microscopes

Muffle Furnace

Jominy hardenability test

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