Get set for 6 really cool things once you get on board MCET

When you enter your college life after 12th standard, Lot of dreams about it and your search for best engineering college in Coimbatore ends with MCET. College life is full of excitement and it’s about getting out on your own for the first time, exploring new things, meeting new people, and learning everything from how to do a research and how to deal with difficult and/or awesome situations. Get set for 6 really cool things once you get on board MCET!

Serene Campus

MCET is situated in Pollachi, Coimbatore known for its greenery and it is in the lap of Mother nature. Students could pull up a bench at one of their favorite walkways in campus to focus and study their subjects.  Enjoy fresh air, study and discuss in calm and peaceful environment with birds’ chirping. The campus tranquil surroundings act as a cool quotient of MCET that lets you sit back and relax or study along with these scenes.

Sports & other extracurricular activities

As the saying goes, “A sound mind makes a sound body”, students are offered with extracurricular activities. As a comparatively fresh campus, with vast stretches of space for sport activities- students at MCET has sprawling acres of field- as their territory for sports as their own kingdom. Right after classroom sessions, students gather around the basketball court or are seen forming teams for their evening cricket, volleyball or TT sessions. Amidst hearty laughter and healthy banters, they contest each other over friendly matches and minor competitions.

Hostel memories

Living in the hostels on campus is of the same kind to having a home away from home, for most of our students! There’s no doubt that MCET hostel is the Mecca of all-things-fun! With the television stationed in the hostel, students can enjoy their evening snacks, munching and surfing channels or enjoying movies. There are also indoor games that you can play but you will literally have to wait your turn and cuddle all the heat of the sports before you can settle down with your score over your opponent in the match. With separate boys and girls hostel, there is so much fun to explore and make memories. With delicious and healthy food facilities for you, you are sure to miss your hostel next time you get back home!

You could spend time at your gym, boosting your immune system and start your day afresh! You are provided with all amenities like laundry facilities, health clinic and more.

Canteen facilities

There is no doubt that during assignments and last minute deadlines, the night canteen becomes the go-to place for the procrastinators and the night-time students on campus. The canteen helps the students to answer the midnight cravings with some healthy and quick to eat food. Sometime the menu gets rejigged and makes your evening crunches even more delicious.

Weekend gateways

Within hour’s drive, MCET-ians can plan their weekends in ways to make it to the town, for relaxed- touristy weekends. Topslip Tiger Forest, Anamalai Wild Life Sanctuary, Monkey falls are among the favourite tourist spots for students coming from various parts of India and the globe. Eco tours in Topslip are the ones you just shouldn’t miss. And what about the popular local food dishes? Well, if you are a non-vegetarian, give your taste buds the luxury of Aliyar dam’s freshly toasted fishes – typically the dam fishes. That’s how it goes for our students in the MCET campus! They all study, explore, enjoy and work hard. At times, they cycle to Aliyar to recreate their minds after packed week days.

The student clubs & committees

From the Literary Society to Entrepreneurship Cell, giant stuff happens at the MCET campus. With more super active societies and clubs MCET-ians choose to be more and better- every single day. The sun never sets at the MCET campus!

There is no doubt that MCETians will enjoy their life at MCET as soon as they on-board college. 

TNEA 2021 step-to-step guide

A step-by-step guide on TNEA procedures 2021

Engineering is one of the most preferable courses in India as it provides abundant standards and openings in jobs and designations. In government jobs too, engineering graduates possess inordinate chances for grade upgrades and high positioned jobs.

To enter into engineering colleges through counselling involves a lot of procedures in the form of TNEA 2021 admissions. TNEA 2021 counselling step by step guide is provided for quick accessible and completion. 12th passed students are the eligible candidates for TNEA 2021 counselling.

The application for the TNEA 2021 is opened from July 26th and the students can enroll their names for counselling to pursue their desired courses in their favourite engineering colleges.

Procedures for the TNEA 2021 which are mandatory to get your seats allotted through counselling:

Step 1 – Registration

Step 2 – Certificate Verification

Step 3 – Ranking/merit list

Step 4 – Initial payment

Step 5 – Choice filling

Step 6 – Choice Locking

Step 7 – Tentative Seat Allotment

Step 8 – Confirmation of Tentative Seat Allotment

Step 9 – Final Seat Allotment

Step 10 – Reporting

Important dates for TNEA 2021 counselling:

Documents mandatory for TNEA 2021 procedures:

If you still have doubts regarding TNEA procedures 2021 and the best engineering college to choose, feel free to visit our website: Our counselling code is 2706.

The scope and future of mechanical engineering


The role of mechanical engineers in rebuilding the world post-pandemic is really crucial. While the world experiences new normal, industries are moving ahead in adopting new technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent and ARVR for assembly to cope with the new needs of the world. There is no doubt that Mechanical engineering defines engineering, it is a classic stream and there will always be a demand for it towards the human comfort. With emerging technology, there will be a lot of opportunities in the future industries. Mechanical engineering will be there to stay extensively. While there is a lot of scope for Mechanical Engineers, this read-up will focus on the length and breadth of course of action or recommendation for any Mechanical Engineering student.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is a field aims to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain various mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering is considered to be wider in subjective and oldest of all engineering disciplines by age. The core principles of Mechanical Engineering combined with modern tools like 3D printing , Data Science, Industry Internet of Things ( IIoT) intelligent  and smarter named as Industry 4.0.

Increasing demand and scope for Mechanical Engineers

Looking forward, there will 9% increase in the total employment of mechanical engineers by 2024 compared to the past decade. The space of Mechanical engineering is unlimited and it is not limited to just manufacturing huge types of machinery and equipment. While the technology getting updated every second, there are several domains opening up for the mechanical engineers to take up! Some of the domains are 3D printing, nanotechnology, newer materials, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent and ARVR, PLM, New Product development, CAE, Lean & 6 sigma and many more.

Various streams in Mechanical engineering

There are various interdisciplinary streams of Mechanical Engineering. Following are some of them.

3D printing



Industry 4.0 : AI&ML &IIoT


Jobs offer for Mechanical Engineers 

Aerospace industry 

Automobile Industry 

Chemical industry

Construction industry 

Defense industry

Thermal & Steel plants 


It is evident that you will not only find mechanical engineers in just manufacturing industry but also in various industries including IT enabled engineering services with high compensation packages for skilled mechanical engineering students. 

Making a career choice is really a crucial part. So is the choice of institution to complement that decision. Few key parameters to look for while choosing a college for Mechanical engineering are the accreditation of the college, job placements, curriculum, infrastructure, industrial training, and internship offers. MCET shapes engineering students to aspire to become leaders of tomorrow. You will experience a blend of practical and theoretical learning coupled with industrial interaction.   

The Future of Learning: How the pandemic has changed education forever


There is no doubt that pandemic has resulted in schools and colleges shut all across the world. Across the globe, over 1.2 billion students are out of the classroom. In the aftermath, education has evolved dramatically with the typical rise of e-learning. Thereby school & college teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms.

In the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, as the world economy continues to deteriorate with organizations shutting down and people being confined to their homes, the impact on the education sector has also led to the closure of various colleges and universities across the globe leaving them in a very tight spot. The unexpected shift in circumstances has not only affected students but also organizations leaving them with little option but to switch to remote learning. While some have adjusted to the new normal has assigned for education, others are still hostile to get the hang of it. However, the longevity of the existing crisis has left no choice for universities to rethink and work out strategies for a completely new perspective.

Rise of online education

It is evident that learning online can be more effective in a number of ways for those who do have the benefit of access to the right technology. Recent researches reveal that on average, students are able to retain 25-60% more course materials through online learning. While they are able to retain only 8-10% in the classroom environment. This is because that the students are able to learn faster online and digital learning requires up to 60% less time to grasp than in a traditional classroom set-up. This is absolute because students are able to learn at their own pace, going back and rereading, skimming, or fast-tracking through subjects and their concepts as they choose.

Simultaneously managing the learning curve, creating a safe study environment, and reaching out to every student are major challenges every educational institution faced. Yet, one cannot disregard the fact how digital transformation is acting as a virtual anchor between the students and staff members. For sure, digital transformation has bridged the gap between the students and staff irrespective of the demographic boundaries and remoteness. 

While everything seems easy in traditional methods, moving on to a new platform and adapting to the changes may take months to years to adopt. Right from conference room meetings for better understanding, seminars & workshops to gain wisdom, and guest lectures to boost up is challenging to be replicated online. 

How Tablets aid in today’s online education

Fortunately, during the wake of COVID-19 the tables have turned around in and have been implemented by many universities and colleges in super-sonic speed. In the changing dynamics, all universities and educational institutions alertness and the fervour to respond to the changing forces that make it rethink, revaluate, amend and adapt the fundamental approach.

The EduTech sector is also endorsing an astounding up thrust in demand across the globe, as a consequence. The pandemic has propelled new solutions in the form of learning consortiums that encompasses governments, universities, schools, academia, and technology solution providers who come jointly to propose design solutions like tablet-based learning for the students. It is definitely a trend-setter for the future of education.

Both the teacher and the student have embraced technology platforms where students can actively participate and engage in learning. This coupled and accompanied with tablet-based learning where sending & receiving emails, uploading & downloading videos, tests & assignments will create a new skill set that will be much in demand in the future. Tablet-based learning will definitely be a silver lining in the current scenario as it promotes digitalization.

While all the universities in the world manage complex risk assessment & moderation processes, none had placed ‘global pandemic’ high on their record. But, even before COVID-19, MCET has decided to adopt technology in education and help students grow and conquer the sky. They understood the value of e-learning. While technology is invading education, it is easier for students to undergo learning sessions through tablets. The instructor can quickly deliver engaging material to the students in real-time in just a few clicks. Sorry, in just a couple of taps! Moreover, students can use the acclaimed resources to do their homework. Tablets give students instant access to their distinct research topics and provide a tremendous knowledge base to be available at their fingertips. The MCET Connect Platform implemented through Tablets has helped the students to transit from conventional learning to Digital learning seamlessly. In addition to regular content, the Tablet supports online compilers and spreadsheets for programming and analytical courses. All assessments both Objective and descriptive as well as individual or Group Assignments and Quizzes are easily conducted through the Tablet. Further Tablet based learning supports Self-paced learning and provides scope for individual learning styles. Over the past four years, more than 3400 students have been benefitted through this initiative. In fact, Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & Technology is always future-ready for making its students as great entrepreneurs or industry-ready personalities! 

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