The scope and future of mechanical engineering


The role of mechanical engineers in rebuilding the world post-pandemic is really crucial. While the world experiences new normal, industries are moving ahead in adopting new technologies like Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent and ARVR for assembly to cope with the new needs of the world. There is no doubt that Mechanical engineering defines engineering, it is a classic stream and there will always be a demand for it towards the human comfort. With emerging technology, there will be a lot of opportunities in the future industries. Mechanical engineering will be there to stay extensively. While there is a lot of scope for Mechanical Engineers, this read-up will focus on the length and breadth of course of action or recommendation for any Mechanical Engineering student.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is a field aims to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain various mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering is considered to be wider in subjective and oldest of all engineering disciplines by age. The core principles of Mechanical Engineering combined with modern tools like 3D printing , Data Science, Industry Internet of Things ( IIoT) intelligent  and smarter named as Industry 4.0.

Increasing demand and scope for Mechanical Engineers

Looking forward, there will 9% increase in the total employment of mechanical engineers by 2024 compared to the past decade. The space of Mechanical engineering is unlimited and it is not limited to just manufacturing huge types of machinery and equipment. While the technology getting updated every second, there are several domains opening up for the mechanical engineers to take up! Some of the domains are 3D printing, nanotechnology, newer materials, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligent and ARVR, PLM, New Product development, CAE, Lean & 6 sigma and many more.

Various streams in Mechanical engineering

There are various interdisciplinary streams of Mechanical Engineering. Following are some of them.

3D printing



Industry 4.0 : AI&ML &IIoT


Jobs offer for Mechanical Engineers 

Aerospace industry 

Automobile Industry 

Chemical industry

Construction industry 

Defense industry

Thermal & Steel plants 


It is evident that you will not only find mechanical engineers in just manufacturing industry but also in various industries including IT enabled engineering services with high compensation packages for skilled mechanical engineering students. 

Making a career choice is really a crucial part. So is the choice of institution to complement that decision. Few key parameters to look for while choosing a college for Mechanical engineering are the accreditation of the college, job placements, curriculum, infrastructure, industrial training, and internship offers. MCET shapes engineering students to aspire to become leaders of tomorrow. You will experience a blend of practical and theoretical learning coupled with industrial interaction.   

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