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CompYouth - Department Association

CompYouth paves way to attain rapid technical development in the field of computer applications. The mission, vision and goal of Compyouth are to make the students to achieve their proficiency of excellence in information technology. The eminent personalities invited from industry for various academic programmes such as seminar, conference, symposium etc., raises the level of confidence among the students.

Faculty Advisor

Ms. S. Divya Vahini, Assistant Professor

Executive Members

Mr. N. Balamurugan (II MCA) President

Mr. T. Kaviyarasan (II MCA) Secretary  

Mr. L. B. Vemboo Ravi (I MCA) Vice -President

Mr. P. Naveen Kumar (I MCA) Joint Secretary  

Office Bearers (II MCA)

Mr. R. Rishi Kumar

Mr. D. Guru Prasath 

Ms. S. Lekha

Ms. V. S. Divya Dharshini

Ms. H. Mahitha Pritham

Ms. M. Madhumitha 

Ms. G. Priyanga

Ms. P. Monisha

Ms. R. Dhivya Dharshini

Office Bearers (I MCA)

Mr. D. Nithish

Mr. R. Thiyagu Srinivasan

Mr. V. Rohit Fernandes

Mr. P. Muthu Karuppaiya 

Ms. T. Janavi 

Ms. R. Shanmugapriya

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