PEOs and POs


Our Graduates Will

  • PEO1.Domain Expertise : Possess expertise and emerge as key players in IT integrated domains .
  • PEO2.Computing Skills and Ethics : Employ computing skills to solve societal and environmental issues in an ethical manner.
  • PEO3.Lifelong Learning and Research : Involve in lifelong learning and research to meet the demands of global technology


Programme Outcomes (POs) :

  • PO1.Engineering Knowledge : Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and concepts of Computer Science to solve complex engineering problems.
  • PO2.Problem Analysis : Identify, review literature, formulate and analyse complex engineering problems using first principles of mathematics and engineering sciences.
  • PO3.Design and Development of Solutions : Design and develop computing solutions for complex engineering problems with societal and environmental awareness.
  • PO4.Complex problem Investigation : Investigate complex problems by employing research methods to arrive at valid conclusions.
  • PO5.Modern Tool Usage : Evaluate and use appropriate tools and techniques in engineering activities .
  • PO6.Societal contribution : Follow professional engineering practice by applying contextual knowledge to assess societal and legal issues.
  • PO7.Environment and  Sustainability :  Understand  and provide professional engineering solutions taking into consideration environmental and economic sustainability.
  • PO8.Ethics : Follow ethical principles  and norms in engineering practice.
  • PO9.Individual and Team work : Function effectively as an individual, team member or leader in diversified environments .
  • PO10.Communication : Communicate effectively through various modes for all engineering activities.
  • PO11.Project Management and Finance :  Apply  Engineering knowledge and management principles for effective project management in multi-disciplinary environments.
  • PO12.Life-long Learning : Engage in independent life-long learning and skill development for professional and social well being..
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