Media Centre

Media Centre and Recording Centre Facility at Dr.MCET

The media centre in the Institution has the facility of still camera, Video camera and other accessories related to all recording facility as given below

S.LNO MODEL  Numbers
1 SONY-W530 9 (Still Camera) 1
2 NIKON-SLR D5100 (Still Camera) 1
3 Nikon D90(Still Camera) 1
4 Sony DSC 130 (Still Camera) 1
5 SONY video cam HDR PJ 240-E 1
6 SONY video cam HDR CX405 1
7 Sony Handy cam DCR SR45E 1
8 Camera stand 2
9 Umbrella 2
10 External flash light 2
11 Card reader 2
12 External hard disk(1tb) 1

Photography Club is also associated with Media centre, where students actively participate in capturing videos and photos of some mega events conducted in the college premises. Few lecture and tutorial videos captured in the class room environment are available in the college website in the link given below.

InnoWAH Competition IITM

International Yoga Day 2018

MCET - Lecturer Hour

MCET - Tutorial Hour

RESE 2017 - Speaker - Edition 1

RESE 2017 - Speaker - Edition 2

RESE 2017 - Speaker - Edition 3

Teachers use ICT-enabled tools including online resources for effective teaching and learning

1.Tablet based Learning in class room

             The 8” Android tablets were given to all Students to enable them to experience the tablet-based learning as part of their educational process. The tablet is used for conducting effective teaching learning process as.

ICT based teaching learning materials such as videos, presentations and eBooks can be shared through tablets.
 Self-assessment of the students shall be done through Quiz, MCQs etc
 Feedback on Teaching Session can be received through pulse questions from students.
 Formative/TQA assessment shall be conducted through tablet, which will be considered for internal mark calculation.
 Students can learn the study material at their convenient pace and time.

Tablet usage for

 Sharing of Study materials.
 Sharing of videos tutorials.
 Automatic attendance capturing.
 Assessment through pulse questions.
 Buzzer quiz.
 White board.

2.MS Teams Platform for Conducting online classes

 Due to Covid pandemic lock down, Online classes are conducted through MS Teams Platform from Academic year 2020-21
 Prepared E-content in the form of PPT, pdf, video, animations, workbook and handouts and uploaded.
 Course delivery through MS teams meetings as live sessions or Recorded videos.
 Conducting 60% live sessions and 40% video sessions for each course.
 Attendance is maintained for both live and recorded video sessions.
 Doubt Clarification Sessions (DCS) are conducted at least once in a week.
 All Formative Assessments (FA) and Quizzes are conducted through MS forms.
 Internal examinations are conducted using MS Forms as per the schedule released by COE office.
 End semester examinations are conducted using e_Proctoring portal with multiple choice questions pattern.
 Periodic feedback from students and faculty members are received through online portal for further improvemen

3.e-Learning@mcet Moodle with internal server hosted

 Laboratory courses related to programming languages such as C,C++, Java ,Python etc. were conducted using e-Learning@mcet Moodle portal with internal server hosted

4.ICT Tools used for creating/Editing Videos

 OBS Studio– to create Videos
 OpenShot Video Editor– To edit videos
 Handbrake- To reduce size of vide

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