Notable Research

Notable Research

The following are a few notable research projects carried out by the members of teaching at MCET for last five years:

Research Fund sanctioned by the External Agency


Title of the Project


DST, New Delhi

September 2011

Popularization of Solar Tunnel Dryers for Copra Production in Pollachi Region Rs.36.19 Lakh
Ministry of Science and Technology, DST, New Delhi

February 2013

Reducing Concrete Damages in Vertical Slip Form Construction Rs.30.00 Lakh
UGC, New Delhi

December 2014

Design and development of Absorption Photometry and Photo acoustics based Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Measuring Instrument Rs.2.33 Lakh
UGC, New Delhi

January 2015

Design of Vanadium Pentoxide / Mesoporous Carbon Nano Composite based Super Capacitor Device Rs.3.40 Lakhs
DST, New Delhi

July 2015

Rural Women Technology Park, Pollachi, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu Rs.38.42 Lakh
UGC, New Delhi

January 2017

Tribological investigation of Titanium-Titanium Boride (Ti-TiB) composites processed through microwave sintering for Automobile disc brake applications Rs.3.85 Lakh
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