MCET – Keysight centre for RF communication systems


MCET-Keysight Centre for RF Communication system is intended to benefit students who dream to pursue their research in the field of advanced wireless communication and RF system design. This would serve as a platform for students and aspirants to enrich their skillset in RF and Microwave Circuit design. Advanced Design System (ADS) is an electronic design automation software by Keysight Technologies.

It provides an integrated design environment to designers of RF electronic products and antennas for applications such as mobile phones, wireless networks, satellite communications and RADAR systems. The Keysight Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is used to measure the performance of RF circuits and Antenna with high precision and accuracy. The students can explore the working of Bluetooth Technology, GPS technology and ZigBee Communication with training kits.

Facilities :

• 6 sets of Keysight Multi-Purpose Lab Station

service_right_icon2 4+16 Channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (7014B)

service_right_icon2 30 MHz Arbitrary waveform generator (33521A)

service_right_icon2 Triple output DC Power Supply (E36314)

service_right_icon2 6 ½ Digit True RMS Digital Multimeter (34401A)

service_right_icon2 GPIP- USB Interface Adaptor

service_right_icon2 Electronic Instrumentation Training Kit

• Keysight N9923A 4GHz Field Fox Handheld RF Vector network Analyzer
• Softwares

service_right_icon2 Advanced Design System (ADS) – 5 licenses

service_right_icon2 VEE Pro – 6 licenses

service_right_icon2 Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) – 15 licenses

Training Courses :

service_right_icon2 RF Circuit Design using ADS

service_right_icon2 Design and Analysis of Impedance Matching networks

service_right_icon2 Design of Microstrip patch antenna for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applications

Value Added Courses :

service_right_icon2 Antenna and RF Circuit design

service_right_icon2 Introduction to Wireless Technology

service_right_icon2 High Frequency Electronic circuit using ADS

Consultancy :

service_right_icon2 Antenna Measurement using Keysight Vector Network Analyzer

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MCET- Keysight centre for RF communication systems


Center In-Charge:

Ms. T. Sathiyapriya
Assistant Professor
Electronics & Communication Engineering.
Mail Id:-

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