Regional Centre of Competence in Industrial Automation Technologies


Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology (MCET) Has established the MCET – Bosch  Rexroth  Center  of  Competence  in  Industrial  Automation Technology  (M – BRAIN) in Collaboration with Bosch Rexroth Germany who are market leaders in drives and control equipments with the primary objective of producing trained personnel for automation in industries.  This has resulted in establishment of a state-of-the-art training with an investment of Rs 4.5 crore at MCET campus, Pollachi.

Objective of the partnership :

     The training program would serve to expose the participants to different aspects of automation and to improve their knowledge in hydraulic and pneumatic drives, logic circuits and sensor technology. As recommended by Bosch-Rexroth, the program covers both class room and laboratory components. The training will be conducted at MCET Campus and will offer the trainers an opportunity to handle state-of-the-art automation equipments marketed by Bosch-Rexroth. The programme is meant for students, faculty members and industrial personnel.

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Centre Activities

Conducting various programes such as,
  One Credit Courses
  Value Added Education
  Industry Based Training
  In-Plant Training
  Faculty Training Program
  Research and Development


To suit the various stake holders the courses has been categorized in to following:

   Capsule course will be of 2 to 3 days duration.

   Module course will be of 6 days duration.

   Certificate course will contain 5 or more modules.

   Diploma course will contain 10 or more modules.


All these courses will be designed based on the Bosch-Rexroth training modules published every year but augmented with local needs of the participants.

Initiatives planned by the Centre

ReCAP-D – Research Capability Demonstration Initiative

In this initiative MBRAIN will create R & D projects to show cause Bosch Rexroth capabilities and at the same time create artifacts useful to Bosch Rexroth in

   Matlab & Simulink – xPC Block sets for Rexroth products.

   LABVIEW simulation components.

   Enterprise Architect based UML Patterns.

StudPro – Student Project Initiative

   Provide students opportunity to use artifacts of ReCap in Bosch Rexroth relevant projects.
   Students can also try out their ideas with assistance from faculty members.

MiniStudPro- Student Mini Project Initiative

   Provide student with varieties of short term project development
   Provide internship opportunities for student at MBRAIN

SciBase-E – Scenario Based Experimentation

Through this initiatives one can create and innovate solution to many Bosch Rexroth problems by applying block sets, Components and patterns created at MBRAIN and other similar developments from elsewhere

Duration of  Each Workshop : 2 -4 days

Min: 16 Hrs

Max:32 Hrs

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Types of Workshop

   Industrial Automation
   Industrial Hydraulics
   Industrial Pneumatics
   Fluid Power System
   PLC Programming
   PLC and HMI
   PLC and SCADA

OCC - One Credit Courses

Duration of Each Courses:  30 Hrs

   Factory Automation

   Only for Mechanical Stream:  Eligible – III Year Mechanical and Automobile

   Industrial Automation

   Only for Circuit Stream:  Eligible – III Year ECE, EEE, EIE and ICE

   PLC Programming

    Only for IT Stream: Eligible – III Year CSE and IT

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VAC - Value Added Education

Duration of Each Courses: 32 Hrs

   Courses offered for Mechanical Stream : Mechanical & Automobile

   Basics of Hydraulics and Pneumatics

   Advanced Hydraulics and Pneumatics

   Basics of PLC


   Industrial Automation Systems

   Eligible: III & IV year of Mechanical and Automobile Students

   Courses offered for Circuit Stream : ECE, EEE, EIE and ICE

   Basics of PLC

   PLC and HMI

   SCADA System



   Industrial Automation Systems

   Eligible: III & IV year of ECE, EEE, EIE and ICE Students

   Courses offered for IT Stream : III Year CSE , IT & MCA

   PLC Programming and Applications

   HMI Programming and SCADA

   Eligible: III & IV year of CSE, IT and II year MCA Students

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The Centre Head,

(Regional Centre of Competence in Automation Technologies)

MCET Campus,
Udumalai Road,
Pollachi – 642 003.

Office Ph: 04259-236030/40/50,  Fax:04259-236070

Centre Co-ordinators

Dr. S. Anthony Jesudurai

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