Tablet Based Learning @ MCET

Tablet Based Learning

Tablet based Learning in class room

Students of Dr.Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology experience the tablet based learning as part of their educational process. This tablet is used for conducting effective teaching learning process.

6xr954   ICT based teaching learning materials such as videos, presentations and eBooks can be shared through tablets.
6xr954   Self-assessment of the students shall be done through Quiz, MCQs etc.
6xr954   Feedback on Teaching Session can be received through pulse questions from students.
6xr954   Formative/TQA assessment shall be conducted through tablet, which will be considered for internal mark calculation.
6xr954   Students can learn the study material at their convenient pace and time.

Tablet usage

6xr954   Sharing of Study materials .
6xr954   Sharing of videos tutorials.
6xr954   Automatic attendance capturing.
6xr954   Assessment through pulse questions.
6xr954   Buzzer quiz.
6xr954   White board.

Establishing a platform for technical and smart learning:

Transmission of future technocrats:

Experiencing the revolution in learning :

E-Learning Experience

E-Learning Experience by Faculty

E-Learning Experience by Students

The guidelines, procedures and information within this manual apply to all tablet devices and related accessories (power cords, covers, etc.) used at MCET. Teachers may set additional requirements for use in their classrooms.


6xr954  Students should verify the tablet IMEI Number and Serial Number

6xr954  Students must ensure that the tablet is in working condition and have all accessories such as AC Adapter, USB Cable and OTG Cable.

6xr954  Every student must sign “Tablet Utilization Undertaking” after receiving the tablet.

6xr954  Furthermore Parent has to sign in a separate copy of “Tablet Utilization Undertaking” for their awareness regarding the issue of tablet.


2.1 General Precautions

6xr954  Tablet should be charged using the correct AC adapter and USB cable.

6xr954  Overnight charging should be avoided, since it may cause damage of battery.

6xr954  Students are responsible for keeping their tablet battery charged for entire class hours.

6xr954  Tablet should be powered off when not in use to conserve battery life.

6xr954  Cords, cables and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the tablet.

6xr954  Tablet must never be left in any unsecured or unsupervised area.

6xr954  Students are advised to avoid using tablet while taking food or beverages.

2.2 Screen Care 

6xr954  Do not lean on the top of the tablet when it is closed.

6xr954  Do not place anything in the carrying case that will press against the cover.

6xr954  Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth.

6xr954  Do not use water/cleaning spray for cleaning the screen.


6xr954  Student tablet will be labeled in the manner specified by the College. They are advised not to remove any label which is used to identify the tablets. Tablet can be identified in the following ways:

6xr954  Serial number

6xr954  IMEI number

6xr954  Tablet is considered as an essential device for teaching learning process and assessments.  Hence, the students should bring the tablet every day.

6xr954  The attendance shall be marked via tablet.

6xr954  The tablet should be charged fully and brought to the class.

6xr954  The tablet should be taken care properly and the same tablet will be used for the next three years.

6xr954  Applications should be executed as per the directions of thefaculty.

6xr954  Students are not allowed to use headphones during class hours.

6xr954  Sound must be muted unless permission is granted by the teacher for instructional purposes.

6xr954  Usage of camera is prohibited inside the classroom.

6xr954  Tablet is subjected to inspection without prior notice.

6xr954  Any attempt to alter data, the configuration of device or the files of another user, without the consent of the individual will be considered as an act of vandalism and subject to disciplinary actions.

6xr954  Students should not lend or sell the tablet to other individuals.

6xr954  Hardware should not be modified under any circumstances and installing irrelevant apps is prohibited.

6xr954  The students are liable to buy a new tablet within the stipulated time at the cost of Rs.14,500 or appropriate price at that time of replacement via college, if it is misplaced, damaged or stolen.

3.1 Tablet Undergoing Repair 

6xr954  Any issues related to the device should be reported to the Faculty Ambassador of the respective department.

6xr954  The tickets will be generated for log maintenance purpose.

6xr954  After analyzing the reason for the repair, a reasonable time will be taken for servicing the tablet.

6xr954  Tablet should be powered off when not in use to conserve battery life.

6xr954  Taking tablet to a third party vendor for repairing is not allowed.

6xr954  Repairing charges are applicable as per norms.

3.2 Tablet Left at Home 

6xr954  If students fail to bring their tablet to the college, they are responsible for completing the assigned work in time.

6xr954  Student will lose the attendance and mark for any assessments carried out in the corresponding session.

6xr954  Students who forget to bring their tablet to the college will be issued a warning; multiple instances of this will result in disciplinary action.

Students can deposit the repaired tablet for servicing and replacement of damaged spare parts. This process can be proceeded through the e –ticketing service system. Online ticket system has been created for tablet service and support for the tracking of tab which is under service. Everyone is requested to submit the tablet along with the ticket number generated in the following website link

Service Charge

In case of Physical damage of Tablet spare parts, the following charges are applicable tentatively as furnished below:

Sl. No Description / Spares Rate (Rs.)
1 Battery 750
2 Touch Screen 480
3 Display Screen 2178
4 Display Connectivity Strip 150
5 Speaker 150
6 Camera 150

Rs.300 will be collected as service charge for all serviced tablets exclusive of 18% GST.


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