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An important initiative has been taken by IIT Bombay to work with Engineering Colleges in the country to enhance the teaching skills of faculty colleagues in core Engineering and Science subjects. This initiative is a part of the National Mission on Education through ICT, supported by MHRD.

MCET has been recognized as the Remote center for IITB, being responsible for Coordinating the workshops, seminars, Live lectures organized by IIT Bombay, Taking care of common logistics arrangements such as classroom, audio-visual equipment, A-View Coordination, etc..,

The Center ID is: 1235
Coordinator: Dr.A.Rathinavelu, Vice Principal, Prof & Head, CSE


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S.No Date Title No.of Participants Department Name of Workshop Coordinator
1 October 25th-26th & 29th-30th ‘2012 Installation of Ubuntu, Apache servers, MySQL, PHP 5 CSE,IT,MCA
2 November 10th& 11th 2012 ISTE workshop on “Aakash for Education” 54 CSE,IT,MCA Dr.A.RathinaveluHead, IITB – RC
3 11th-21st Dec 2012 ISTE workshop on “Engineering Thermodynamics” 6 Mechanical,Automobile Mr.D. Senthilkumar,AP/ Mechanical Engg
4 February 2nd & 9th 2013 ISTE Workshop on “Research Methodologies in Educational Technology” 25 All Depts Dr.A.RathinaveluHead, IITB – RC
5 Feb’23rd – 24th 2013 and March 2nd-3rd 2013 Aakash Android Application Programming Workshop for Students 40 Prefinal Students of CSE,IT,MCA Dr.A.RathinaveluHead, IITB – RC
6 May 21st -31st 2013 Database Management Systems 21 CSE,IT,MCA Mr.K.Thirukumar, AP(SG), CSE
7 June 4th-14th 2013 Analog Electronics 16 Electrical Stream Mr.J.SenthilKumar, AP, ECE
8 Augus24th 2013 Green Building Awareness 12 Faculty & students of Civil Eng. Dr.A.RathinaveluHead, IITB – RC
9 Nov’ 26th – Dec’ 6th 2013 Engineering Mechanics 27 Mechanical, Automobile Mr.M.Selvakumar, AP(SS)
10 Jan’ 2nd – 12th2014 Signals and Systems 28 Electrical stream Ms.V.K.Sudha,AP(SG), ECE
11 May 20th – 30th 2014 Fluid Mechanics 29 Mechanical Stream Mr.S.Ayyappan, AP(SG)
12 May 11th– 15th 2014 & June 16th – 21st 2014 Computer Programming 30 CSE,IT,MCA Mr.C.Subhanandhan, AP, CSE
13 June 30th – July 5th 2014 Computer Networking 20 CSE,IT,MCA Mr.T.Kanagasabapathy, AP, CSE
14 July 10th – 20th 2014 Cyber Security 19 CSE,IT,MCA Mr.J.Ramprasath,AP, IT
15 December 2nd 2014 -12th, 2014 Two Week ISTE Workshop on “Control Systems” 15 EEE,ECE,ICE,E&I Mr.P.Kamalakannan,AP(SS),ICE
16 January 5th– 31st 2015 Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education 17 Faculties of All Depts. Mr.K.Thirukumar,AP(SG),CSE
17 May 25th – May 30th 2015. Two Week ISTE STTP On Introduction to Design Of Algorithms 14 CSE,IT,MCA Mrs.N.Sumathi,AP,CSE
18 June 2nd, 2015 to June 12th, 2015 Two-Week ISTE STTP on Environmental Studies 14 Civil, Mech, Auto, S& H, Mr.L.Lokesh,AP,Civil
19 November 30th , 2015 toDecember 5th, 2015 Two-Week ISTE STTP on Technical Communication 20 Faculties of All Depts. Mr.N.Gobi,AP(SS)/CSE
20 December 8th, 2015 to December 18th, 2015 Two-Week ISTE STTP on Engineering Physics 18 First Year Faculties of S&H Dr.V.Saravanan,


21 January 4 , 2016 to January 9, 2016 Two Week ISTE STTP On Introduction To Structural Engineering 30 Faculties of Civil Eng. Mr. R. Elangovan, Asst.Prof(SG)/Civil
22 May 2,2016 to July 10,2016 Four Week AICTE approved FDP by IITB on “Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning 25 Faculties of All depts. Mrs.A.Brundha,AP(SS)/CSE
Aakash Tablets
Tablets given to CSE dept – 60 Funds Received from IITB for Aakash – Rs.1, 00,000/-
Tablets given to IT dept – 60 Items Purchased:
Tablets given to MCA dept – 50 Server- Intel I7-4770s,RAM 8 GB DDR3,HDD_Seagate 2TB SataDlink DIR-803 Wireless Router (17 Nos)
Tablets handled by ITES – 80