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The Department of Automobile Engineering has established various relevance and focus in all aspects of its endeavors.  To enhance the opportunities to the students to develop their competence to work in Industrial sectors, various facilities are being provided by the management that has established many workshops, Training Centers and laboratories. The Department has spent many lakhs for the establishment of the following laboratories..

dart13  Automotive Components Laboratory

dart13  Automotive Embedded Systems

dart13  Engine Performance and Emission testing Laboratory

dart13  Microprocessor Laboratory

dart13  Kinematics & Dynamics Laboratory

dart13  Automotive Chassis Laboratory

dart13  Vehicle Testing Laboratory

dart13  Material Testing Laboratory

dart13  Fuels & Lubricants Laboratory

dart13  Engine Components Laboratory

dart13  Automotive Electrical & Electronics Laboratory

dart13  Simulation Laboratory


Automobile Electrical and Electronics Laboratory:

      Electrical & Electronics has major impact on automobile sectors. Thus our department managed to establish Automotive Electrical and Electronics Laboratory around 1500 sq.ft that comprises of modern equipments for ignition system insertion, rectification and testing bench. Automotive passenger car wiring system, regulator test rig, 8085 trainer kit, piezo-electric pickup, charge amplifier, angle encoder are the other critical components of the laboratory..

Automotive Components Laboratory:

    More than 15 cut models are displayed for the assembling and dismantling of various critical components are provided with a space of 1550sq.ft. Components such as Macpherson’s suspension, Differential Gears, flywheels are provided. Few machines are available test the fatigue characteristics of the components.

Simulation Laboratory:

      Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. It is used in many contexts, such as simulation of technology for performance optimization, safety engineering and testing. Engineering is worth of good analytical skills. Such skills enhance in the analysis of components using software packages such as MATLAB, Simulink, etc. More than 1000 sq.ft space are allocated for the usage 35 computers with updated software packages.

Vehicle Testing Laboratory:

    Vehicle troubleshooting is one of the important skills needed for an automobile engineer. Sufficient Space of about 2500 sq.ft is provided for 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers troubleshooting.

Engine Performance and Emission Testing Laboratory:

     Two IC Engines are mounted with all complete measuring and controlling devices with 2880sq.ft. Sophisticated test equipmentis available for complete emission & performance testing.

Kinematics and Dynamics Laboratory:

M.I determination of connecting rod, flywheel and other related concepts can be learned in Kinematics and Dynamics Laboratory.

Automotive Chassis Laboratory:

Study and measurement of theLight motor vehicle frameand Heavy duty vehicle frame and also the dismantling and assembling ofFront Axle, Rear Axle, Differential, Steering systems along with any two types of steering gear box, Braking systems – hydraulic servo vacuum, compressed air power brakes.Leaf spring, coil spring, torsion bar spring, Hydraulic shock absorber, Clutch assembly of different types, Gear Box, Transfer case.

Material Testing Laboratory:

  Materials (biomaterials as well as inorganic or organic materials) and devices (IC’s, LED, Solar cell etc.) need analysis to assess product quality, functioning, safety, reliability and toxicity. Thus Material testing laboratory is shared with the mechanical department with space of about 2100 sq.ft.


  Separate Workshop areas with basic equipments and tools are provided for the students participating in national level events conducted by SAE INDIA and ISNEE such as SUPRA, BAJA, EFFICYCLE and National Go-Kart Championship. These workshops are necessary for the students for the fabrication of the vehicle without any professional help.


dart13  Tuv – Rheinland

dart13  Altair Centre of Excellence

dart13  Bosch Automation Centre

dart13  Center for Design Analysis and Testing.