Training Division

The training division of the college works in close association with the placement and value added education divisions. The division provides assistance to the students in acquiring skills required for immediate employment. The training division aims at developing readily employable graduates with the requisite technical and soft skills. The industry/research requirements are identified and the students are given training by experts from both inside the institution and from outside based on a detailed training calendar every year. The internal training is offered by faculty and peers, whereas the external training is offered by experts in the field from academia/industry/research establishments/consultants etc.

The institute has MoUs with several majors in the field of human resource development and training, through which structured programmes are delivered to the students in the pre-final year. The training to students are offered at three levels; during the second semester of study focusing on communication skills, during the second year focusing on personality development and in the third year focusing on soft skills. Parallel training is available on the cafeteria mode on various technical aspects over an above the regular curriculum for all the branches of study rightly called value added education.

Faculty In-charge

user-icon1  Mr. C.A.Sreeram – Head Training and Talent Development

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