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IT Association

The IT Association is involved in the planning and integration of student technical activities. It promotes a sense of group responsibility and plays the critical role of student representation for preparing themselves to the IT industry.

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service_right_icon2  Conducting the professional activities such as Guest lectures, Seminars, Technical Symposiums etc.

service_right_icon2  Encourage a close knit interpersonal relationship among the members.

service_right_icon2  Promote the development of individual talents.

Programmes Organized via IT Association:

Technical Association


S.No. Name of Student Posting Year
1. Kavya.N President IV
2. Jayanth raghul.J Secretary IV
3. Reshma.N Treasurer IV
4. Dhamodaran.A Vice President III
5. Prashanna.K Joint Secretary III
6. Oviya.S Joint Treasurer III
7. Nivetha.P Event Coordinator III
8. Renuga devi.P Event Co-coordinator III
9. Kavi kamachi.A Event Co-coordinator II
10. Muthu kumar.S Designing Coordinator III
11. Deepika.A Documenting Coordinator III
12. Nandhini G Documenting Co-coordinator II
13. Malathi.M Technical Activity Coordinator IV
14. Prakavi.M Technical Activity Co-coordinator III
15. Hemalatha.R Technical Activity Co-coordinator II
16. Hari krishna.C S Magazine Coordinator III
17. Shanmuga priya.P Magazine Coordinator III
18. Priyadharshini.B Placement Coordinator IV
19. Prince antony.I Placement Co-Coordinator III


S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Mr.N.Krishnaraj AP/IT
2 Mr.N.Praveen Sundra Kumar AP/IT
3 Mrs. S. Soundariya AP/IT
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