Department Association

ECE Association – “SPECTRUM”

We are having the department association, through which we are conducting the professional activities such as Guest lectures, Seminars, Technical Symposiums etc.

The following members have been nominated for the academic year 2017-18.

Roll  No. Post Name Year
14BEC089 President Selvan K.Mani Kandan IV ECE A
14BEC066 Vice President Selvan S.Aravindh IV ECE B
15BEC078 Secretary Selvan R.Harie Hara Akash III ECE B
15BEC041 Joint-Secretary Selvi R.Nivashini III ECE A
15BEC040 Treasurer Selvi C.KaviPriya III ECE B
14BEC058 Executive Member Selvi T.Saranyaa IV ECE B
15BEC038 Executive Member Selvan B.Shiva Ramakrishnan III ECE B

Office Bearers:

S No. Roll No Post Name Year
1 14BEC084 Planning Committee Selvan K.Jebaseelan Ravi IV ECE B
2 15BEC027 Planning Committee Selvan R.K.Karthick Sridhar III ECE A
3 15BEC034 Planning Committee Selvan S.Karthik III ECE B
4 15BEC043 Planning Committee Selvi N Jeyashree III ECE A
5 16BEC080 Planning Committee Selvi M.Salini I ECE B
6 16BEC102 Planning Committee Selvi R.Yogadharshini I ECE B
7 14BEC008 Organizing Committee Selvi R.Priyadharshini IV ECE A
8 15BEC052 Organizing Committee Selvi R.Shurithi III ECE B
9 15BEC049 Organizing Committee Selvan S.Dayalan III ECE A
10 15BEC039 Organizing Committee Selvi P.Aishwarya Meenakshi III ECE A
11 16BEC060 Organizing Committee Selvi B.Sindhu Lekha II ECE B
12 16BEC096 Organizing Committee Selvi V.Menaka II ECE B
13 14BEC094 Reporting Team Selvan N.R.Rudhresh Sorna IV ECE B
14 15BEC070 Reporting Team Selvan J.Abinesh III ECE B
15 15BEC024 Reporting Team Selvan B.Kirubakaran III ECE B
16 16BEC004 Reporting Team Selvan N.R.Rudhresh Sorna IV ECE B

Editorial Team:

S No. Roll No Post Name Year
1 14BEC056 Editorial Team Selvi M.Keerthana IV ECE B
2 15BEC054 Editorial Team Selvan T.Ragul Kumar III ECE B
3 15BEC077 Editorial Team Selvan C.Gowtham III ECE A
4 15BEC063 Editorial Team Selvi K.Kowsalya II ECE A
5 16BEC027 Editorial Team Selvan E. Arunachaleshwaran II ECE A
6 16BEC068 Editorial Team Selvi S.Krithika II ECE B
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