Department Association

ECE Association – “SPECTRUM”

We are having the department association, through which we are conducting the professional activities such as Guest lectures, Seminars, Technical Symposiums etc.

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The following members have been nominated for the academic year 2019-20.

Roll  No. Post Name Year
16BEC058 President Selvi. T. Vimala IV ECE
16BEC076 Vice President Selvan. MR. Gokul Bharathi IV ECE
17BEC023 Secretary Selvi. G. Keerthana III ECE
18MCO002 Treasurer Selvi. S. I. Amrieen II ME
17BEC013 Executive Member Selvan. R. Gokul Ananth III ECE
17BEC012 Executive Member Selvi. K. S. Nivethitha III ECE
18MCO001 Executive Member Selvi. H. Sathiya Girija II ME

Office Bearers:

S No. Roll No Name Year
1 17BEC007 Selvi. P. Harishmithaa III ECE
2 17BEC019 Selvan. M. Rajeshwaran III ECE
3 17BEC022 Selvi. B. Meena Rajalakshmi III ECE
4 17BEC027 Selvan. A. Mohamedashik III ECE
5 17BEC048 Selvi.V. Nanthika III ECE
6 17BEC087 Selvi. D. Oppilaal Eratchanya III ECE
7 17BEC005 Selvi. S. Kiruthika III ECE
8 17BEC049 Selvi. A. Subitha III ECE
9 17BEC115 Selvi. S. Sowbakiyam III ECE
10 18BEC005 Selvi. S. Subhashini II ECE
11 18BEC009 Selvi. K. Prathiusha II ECE
12 18BEC018 Selvan. N. Girivaishnav II ECE
13 18BEC021 Selvan. S.P. Nithishkumar II ECE
14 18BEC023 Selvan. P. Kishore II ECE
15 18BEC030 Selvi. R. Nivitaa II ECE
16 18BEC044 Selvan. A. Saravanakumar II ECE
17 18BEC067 Selvan. I. Mohammed Nazeem II ECE
18 18BEC086 Selvan. R. Sabareesh II ECE
19 18BEC088 Selvi S. Kavya II ECE
20 18BEC095 Selvan. A.S Arun Prassath II ECE
21 19BEC310 Selvi. G.M. Bhoomika II ECE
22 18BEC082 Selvi. R. Srimathy II ECE
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