Department Association

ECE Association – “SPECTRUM”

We are having the department association, through which we are conducting the professional activities such as Guest lectures, Seminars, Technical Symposiums etc.

The following members have been nominated for the academic year 2016-17.

Roll  No. Post Name
13BEC062 President Selvan.P.Venkat Ruban
13BEC041 Vice President Selvi. Selvi. Seethalakshmi
14BEC096 Secretary Selvan.G.Ganagarajesh
14BEC073 Joint-Secretary Selvi.K.Sakthi
14BEC066 Executive Member Selvan.S.Aravindh
13BEC072 Executive Member Selvi.K.Sabitha

Office Bearers:

S No. Roll No Name
1 13BEC088 Selvi.M.Vaibhav Muthu Meenakshi
2 14BEC089 Selvan.K.Manikandan
3 14BEC050 Selvi.S.Jeya Bharathi
4 15BEC341 Selvan.N.Nallamuthu
5 14BEC084 Selvan.K.Jebaseelan Ravi
6 14BEC067 Selvi.Swathi. N
7 14BEC037 Selvi.J.Lakshmi
8 14BEC007 Selvan.N.Singaram
9 14BEC039 Selvan.R.Gokulnath
10 14BEC091 Selvi.S.Mayuri
11 15BEC052 Selvi.Shurithi. R
12 15BEC078 Selvan.Harihara Akash R
13 15BEC043 Selvi.N.Jayashree
14 15BEC029 Selvi.R.Veera Santhya
15 15BEC066 Selvi.R.Keerthana

Editorial Team:

S No. Roll No Name
1 13BEC043 Selvi.S.Nandhini
2 14BEC056 Selvi.M.Keerthana
3 14BEC078 Selvi.Saranya.T
4 14BEC064 Selvan.T.Vivehamithran
5 15BEC019 Selvi.B.Tharini
6 15BEC063 Selvi.K.Kowsalya
7 15BEC041 Selvi.Nivashini R
8 15BEC072 Selvan. Mohammed Inamul Hasan
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