FDP Activities




service_right_icon2  Seventh National Conference on “Computing And Communication”(NCCC’17),Organized by IT Stream on 11.03.17.

service_right_icon2   Two days Workshop on “Data Science and Analytics” from 17.02.17 to 18.02.17.

service_right_icon2   Workshop on “Open Source Software Administration” from 10.11.16 to 11.11.16.

service_right_icon2   Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights” in association with Centre of IPR, Anna University, Chennai on 10.09.16.


service_right_icon2   Four Week AICTE approved FDP by IITB on “Use of ICT in Education for Online and Blended Learning” 02.05.16 to 10.07.16

service_right_icon2   Workshop on “ Internet of Things” on 15.06.16 and 16.06.16

service_right_icon2   Sixth National Conference on “Computing and Communication” on 13.04.16

service_right_icon2   Workshop on “Cloud Computing” on 26.02.16 and 27.02.16

service_right_icon2   Workshop on “Angular JS” on 18.12.15

service_right_icon2   Two-Week ISTE STTP on “Technical Communication” (MHRD IITB) 30.11.15 to 05.12.15

service_right_icon2   Webinar on “Fundamentals of Databases” from 19.08.2015 to 4.09.2015 by Infosys, Chennai.


service_right_icon2   Two Week ISTE STTP on “Introduction to Design of Algorithms”(MHRD IITK) from 25.05.15 to 30.05.15

service_right_icon2   Fifth National Conference on “Computing and Communication” on 17.04.15 and 18.04.15

service_right_icon2   Webinar on “Inspire Briefing: BNG:” organized by Infosys Pvt Ltd. on 31.03.15

service_right_icon2   Webinar on “MVC patterns in action for creating websites” organized by Infosys Pvt Ltd. on 30.03.15

service_right_icon2   Webinar on “Virtual Academy: Internet of Things” organized by Infosys Pvt Ltd. on 19.03.15

service_right_icon2   Two weeks ISTE Short Term Training Programme on “Pedagogy for Effective use of ICT in Engineering Education” (MHRD IITB) from 05.01.15 to 31.01.15

service_right_icon2   Two week ISTE Main workshop on “Computer Networking”(MHRD IITB) from 30.06.14 to 05.07.14


service_right_icon2   Two week ISTE main workshop on “Computer Programming”(MHRD IITB), from 16.06.14 to 21.06.14

service_right_icon2   Workshop on “Groovy and Grails” in association with Ardhika Solutions Ltd., Chennai from 08.05.14 to 10.05.14

service_right_icon2   Internal Workshop on “Windows 7 Management & Trouble shooting” from 08.04.14 to 16.04.14


AY FDP/STTP Conference Workshop Seminar No. of Events No. of Faculty Benefited
2016-2017 21 3 23 3 50 35
2015-2016 22 2 28 7 59 31
2014-2015 9 1 8 2 20 27
2013-2014 10 4 23 1 38 29
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